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2014 Dance Lessons

Do you ever take a class and wonder....."now just how did that teacher tell us to do this??" This is a problem with all of us and often a short review will bring back the great instruction on figures and technique offered by our great Atlanta area instructors.

(under construction, so check back to view your favorite dance lesson)

Greater Atlanta Chapter May 2014 lesson

Tango lesson with Wayne Zwick of Allure Dance Studio

Bolero Lesson with Tommy and Vonnie

Two figures demonstrated briefly for your review.

Bolero 2 with Tommy and Vonnie

lesson video reviewing the lady's back spot turn

Bob Hohn Teaching Nightclub Two Step

Additional instructions on the "Wrap"

Bob Hohn Teaching Nightclub Two Step

A review of the monthly dance lesson. This month's dance is Nightclub Two Step

Waltz Lesson

Waltz recap for your review. Charles Jones and Nicole Wardell

Polka taught by Wayne Abbey

Polka combination